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move2nz: An Introduction

move2nz is an independant organisation created to provide a helping hand to people thinking of moving to New Zealand and support to migrants living in New Zealand.

Voted New Zealand's 'Best Community Site' in both 2008 and 2009, move2nz aims to link people together to share information about the realities of moving to, living and working in New Zealand. is completely unique and the only non-government organisation providing actual settlement support and migration assistance at absolutely no charge - just ask our members as we have already helped many thousands.

'immigration' is a very small part of 'migration'
It is important to point out that we are not immigration advisers and do not give immigration advice. Instead we aim to help you with everything else before, during and long after your move to New Zealand from a migrant's view: shipping, finding a job, handling homesickness, housing, currency transfer, vehicles, hobbies and interests, social networking, handling problems...

Basically moving to another country, away from your friends and family, can be daunting and difficult. We know what it's like and how many companies there are out there eager to make money out of you.

move2nz is a helping hand in New Zealand - a network of thousands of friends you can rely on to help you avoid the pitfalls and get the most out of your move.

Areas we can help with

  1. Online
    Help and support for new, prospective and settled migrants is offered online through our award winning website: linking together thousands of new, settled and prospective migrants for real-life, unbiased information.

    A unique resource offering free access to: a friendship network of over 32,000; a massive array of resources and tools; industry experts; discounts on services; and expert information you cannot find anywhere else.

    Who better to ask about migration than someone who has just been through the process?

  2. Help In New Zealand
    Bringing people together around not only New Zealand but the rest of the world in regular events we help you meet other migrants who can help you successfully plan your migration, 'hit the ground running', explain the cultural differences and help you get into New Zealand social networks which are the key to successful integration.

    We are working to re-open our Migrant Centre in a new location after helping over 10,000 families (at absolutely no cost) between 2006 and 2009.

  3. Overseas Assistance
    In 2007 and 2008 we ran Seminars overseas for prospective migrants at the point of making their big move.

    Covering what you need to know about moving to, living and working in New Zealand these workshops answer important questions in a non-commercial environment, helping to create realistic expectations of migration and life in New Zealand.

    These are not to be confused with commercial operators - move2nz is the only body of any kind working in this way and has completed two ‘tours’ of the UK working in association with Immigration New Zealand. We hope to run a third series in 2010.

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